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The Blade's MaxRecruit is a one-stop shop where employers post jobs without worrying about where to post or how much to pay on each site. With MaxRecruit, employers post once, pay once, and we list the job for maximum exposure to qualified candidates.

Most employers, especially small ones, need to hire but may not know where to post. Each job category is different and some jobs, especially those requiring specialized skills or a degree, will get the best results on LinkedIn. Other roles may do better on Indeed or Glassdoor. Employers can end up spending a lot of money on job sites and not find the right candidates. We solve this challenge quickly and effectively.
"We recently needed to add staff for a new Urgent Care clinic we're opening as we expand healthcare services in several Toledo neighborhoods. We turned to the Toledo Blade for help recruiting, and it was a great experience. With the Blade's help, we were able to bring in nurses and qualified front office staff in record time. I will definitely use the Blade for our next recruiting needs."
- Fariba H., recruiter for healthcare provider
"Advertising in the Blade let us bring in a new mechanic for our specialty manufacturing business. I liked that they posted my job on several top job sites with just one purchase. Within a couple of days I had applications from several experienced candidates. Our new mechanic started last week! "
- Charles C, supervisor for local manufacturing company
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